There is ample parking provided in the adjacent garage.  Waterford Plaza LLC & Parmenter Realty Partners are not responsible for damages or theft to vehicles or personal belongings.  However, there is a security service on duty to help detour such happenings.  Arrangements can be made, through the management office, for reserved parking.  Monthly fees are charged and spaces are allocated by availability and are based on the size of your suite. 

Towing is enforced for those unauthorized vehicles parked in reserved parking in accordance with Florida Statutes 715.07.  Tow signs have been posted at the entrances to the property.  The vehicles will be towed at the vehicle owner’s expense.

Parking Rules and Regulations

  1. Use of the Parking Facilities will be restricted to passenger cars and such other vehicles as Landlord, by special arrangements, will permit.
  2. The Parking Facilities may not be used for storage purposes and Landlord shall have the right to engage a tow service for removal of any vehicle which remains in the Parking Facilities for a continuous period of 5 days.  The vehicle owners and/or the Vehicle User will be responsible for all costs associated with such removal and shall indemnify building management & Landlord against all loss, expense or liability in connection therewith.
  3. Vehicles shall be carefully parked within and parallel to the striped lines of each parking stall. No person shall be permitted to park a vehicle in any part of the Parking Facilities designated as “Restricted Area” by Landlord without authorization from Landlord as evidenced by appropriate identification.
  4. User shall drive carefully while in the Parking Facilities and comply with all signs, instructions and directions posted therein.  The Parking Facilities Entrance and the Parking Facilities Exit have been identified by the signage therein.
  5. User shall assure that his/her vehicle is locked at all times while it is parked in the Parking Facilities, and shall be solely responsible for all contents therein.
  6. Vehicles may not be left overnight without prior approval from management.
  7. Those areas of the Parking Facilities reserved or slated for parking of compact cars/oversized vehicles shall be clearly identified by signage.
  8. The Parking Facilities shall be open and operational 24 hours per day, seven days a week.
  9. Landlord shall not be liable at any time or under any circumstances for any malfunction, failure or unavailability of any electrical, mechanical or other facilities or equipment in the Parking Facilities (if any), or for any loss, damage, expense or inconvenience of any nature (whether direct or indirect) resulting therefrom related thereto.
  10. 2 hour Visitor parking is for VIISTORS – if you work in the building at no time are you permitted to park there.  If you receive Visitors and they will be on site for more than 2 hours please ask them to park in an unreserved space throughout the parking garage.
  11. Please do not park in a “RESERVED” space if it is not yours.