The purpose of the handbook is to give guidance and to help those having responsibility for the safety of their employees and visitors and response to emergency and safety situations.  The primary goal is to protect individual health and well being and the integrity of the work environment.  It is a working document that, when used with foresight and good judgment, will guide company officials and employees through appropriate actions for emergency and safety issues.

It should be noted that this document is simply a guide.  Every emergency situation differs – based on individuals involved, environmental circumstances and resources available – and cannot be neatly defined by categories for which hard and fast guidelines can be drawn.  Accordingly, each given situation calls for a customized response utilizing individual judgment.  Common sense and rational thinking should dictate the response of company officials and employees to emergency and safety incidents.

Being prepared, remaining calm and orderly, and using sound judgment will greatly increase the effectiveness in reacting and responding to emergencies and safety incidents.

It is the responsibility of each tenant to make sure his or her employees are familiar with the building’s evacuation program and procedures and to cooperate with building management in establishing procedures and carrying out occasional evacuation drills. It is recommended that all offices conduct emergency procedures and security meetings so all involved have an understanding of what to do when required to act quickly.

With your help, our property will continue to be an exceptional working environment. Thank you.

Parmenter Realty Partners, Managing Agent for Waterford Plaza.