Moving Policy

We know your deliveries are important to you, and we want to make sure you receive them promptly, safely and conveniently. If you are planning a significant move or delivery, such as furniture, large equipment, etc., in or out of the building, let us know well in advance in order to schedule the freight elevator, and to avoid conflicts with the other tenants. By communicating your schedule ahead of time, we can help you to accomplish your move with greater ease and with minimal inconvenience to other tenants.

When you plan a large delivery or move within the building, be sure to:

  1. Schedule all major deliveries at least one (1) week in advance with the Management Office at 813-281-1110 or e-mail dogren@parmco.com. The freight elevator can be utilized during the following times: Monday-Friday Completed Before 8:30 am or Start After 4:30 pm; Saturday & Sunday completed before 10 pm.
  2. Notify your vendor to present a Certificate of Insurance to the Management Office prior to the delivery date.  (Very Important) Without a Certificate of Insurance on file in the Management Office, we cannot allow the delivery to be completed.  To avoid any inconveniences or delays, please comply with the above requirements for major deliveries. Certificate Of Insurance Requirements Your vendor must provide a Certificate of Insurance outlining the limits of General Liability and Worker Compensation to the Management office at least one week prior to the move/delivery.

The Certificate Holder should be shown as: (Exactly)

Waterford Plaza LLC and Parmenter Realty Fund IV Investments LLC (Property Owner) and Parmenter Realty Partners (Property Manager) will be named as an additional insured on General Liability Certificate Holder should be named additionally insured in regard to General Liability.

***This is very important; we will not let the movers on the property without proper insurance in our office PRIOR to the day of the move.***

Click here for limit requirements

                3.  All outside contractors are required to adhere to the building rules and regulations.

Click here for the Moving Rules and Regulations

Should your vendor have any questions or concerns, please have them call the Management Office at (813) 281-1110..